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Signature Gourmet Hot Dogs

*We also have vegetarian-vegan tofu options available as well as gluten-free and aim to cater to all dietary requirements.

Ruben Dog
Thousand island dressing, brown mustard, sauerkraut and fresh bacon bits
Fiesta Dog
 Red pepper relish, jalapeños, onions, sriracha sauce, red pepper flakes and crushed nacho cheese Dorito chips
Hawaiian Dog
Pineapple mango relish, New York sauce, onions and fresh crushed pineapple
City Dog
Red pepper relish, yellow mustard, dill pickle relish, jalapeno peppers and celery salt
 Jamaican Dog
Red Pepper Relish and New York sauce

Teriyaki Daikon Dog

Teriyaki sauce and creamy sriracha topped with tempura crunchies

Diet Kraut Dog

Bunless hot dog loaded with sauerkraut topped with your favorite mustard 



Diet Kraut Dog Nutritional Information 

100% gluten-free with large Hebrew National beef dog

Western Dog
 Pineapple mango relish, hickory barbecue sauce, and fresh bacon bits
Jalapeño Dog
Pineapple mango relish, New York sauce, jalapeño peppers and onion
Italian Dog
Red pepper relish, marinara, parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes
Island Dog
 Pineapple mango relish and New York sauce
New York Dog
New York sauce and sauerkraut

Thai Dog

Thai sweet chili sauce and New York sauce topped with onions

 Spicy Sriracha Dog

Our special Sriracha sauce topped with jalapeños and bacon bits



Regular Dog Selections

Polish Sausage
Jumbo Dog
Hebrew National
(pure kosher beef)
Vienna Dog
 Pure Chicago Beef
Turkey Dog
Zacky Farm
(pure turkey meat)

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