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Gourmet Hot Dogs Catering Menu

Pick any item and we'll deliver! Whatever you wish, it is our mission to serve you our delicious hot dogs, homemade salads and drinks that will add loads of fun to your next gathering.


*Catering requires a 3 day notice


Hot Dog Bar (minimum 25 guests)

$12.99 per person


Hot Dogs (minimum order 25)



Homemade Potato Salad (serves 12)



Homemade Italian Pasta Salad (serves 12)



Homemade Ranch Pasta Salad (serves 12)



Homemade Cole Slaw (serves 12)   



Caesar Salad (serves 12)



Homemade Baked Beans (serves 12)



Sodas (variety)

$2.00 ea.


Snapple (mango, kiwi, peach, & diet peach)

$3.00 ea.


Apple Juice

$3.00 ea.



$3.50 ea.


Flavored Pelegrino (orange & lemon)

$2.49 ea.



$2.00 ea.


Fiji & Smart water $4.00


Chips (variety)

$2.00 ea.


Delivery fees may apply

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